Natural Facelift San Antonio | Natural Results

Natural Facelift Results are what patients are looking for today. The overswept look of yesterday is gone. Dr. Barrera uses a combination of techniques to ensure a natural results with facelift surgery. From elevating the skin in minimally invasive skin incisions, to repositioning the natural fat of the jowls to create a jawline and elevating… Read More »

Turkey Neck San Antonio | Removing Neck Skin Redundancy

What is a turkey neck San Antonio? The Turkey neck San Antonio is a difficult deformity of aging. It is associated with excessive and loose skin around the neck. A deep plane facelift or SMAS facelift is necessary to correct this abnormality. Turkey neck San Antonio specialist Dr. Jose Barrera combines a deep plane facelift… Read More »

Achieving The Youthful Neck | Implants or Facelift?

What is the difference between a prejowl chin implant and a facelift? Surgery to create a youthful neck is approached through a small neck incision to access and remove unwanted neck fat. A prejowl chin implant is a type of mentoplasty whereby the chin and jaw line are better defined. It may be combined with a neck… Read More »

Mentoplasty San Antonio | Jowl Lift Surgery

Mentoplasty in San Antonio is performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD. Dr. Barrera performs chin implants in the prejowl and chin in combination with neck lift to improve the neck. Jowl Lift Surgery may involve placing a pre jowl chin implant to disguise the jowls of the neck. Jowl improvement is often done… Read More »

Submentoplasty San Antonio | Neck Band Surgery

Submentoplasty San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera performs submentoplasty to improve the aging neck and correct neck bands. The featured patient had a previous history of severe acne scarring in the face and neck. Neck band surgery addressed the neck deformity with a neck lift and facelift. The submentoplasty San Antonio provided a symmetric… Read More »

Neck Lift San Antonio, Texas

Neck Lift San Antonio Texas Specialist and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs necklift and mini facelift San Antonio surgery to improve the jawline and remove neck fat without a facelift. A Necklift San Antonio is a minimally invasive procedure which removes fat from underneath the jaw line. A neck lift may also involve… Read More »