Neck Lift San Antonio, Texas

Neck Lift San Antonio Texas Specialist and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs necklift and mini facelift San Antonio surgery to improve the jawline and remove neck fat without a facelift. A Necklift San Antonio is a minimally invasive procedure which removes fat from underneath the jaw line. A neck lift may also involve plicating the platysma muscles and bands in the neck.

Where is neck lift surgery performed?

San Antonio Necklift patients may receive their cosmetic surgery as an outpatient surgery. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs all his neck lift surgeries in an operative facility under sedation. San Antonio Neck lift surgery may also be performed in a hospital setting.

How much does Neck Lift San Antonio cost?

Neck lift cost ranges in price from $3000 to $8500 depending on the extent of work that has to be done. If submental fat liposuction is all that is necessary, then a more affordable neck lift cost is assigned. If platysma muscles have to be plicated and extensive removal of neck fat has to be done, then the neck lift cost increases according to the level of complexity, anesthesia time required, and hospital fees.

What is involved in neck lift surgery?

Neck lift surgery involves removal of fat through liposuction as well as platysma band treatment. A platysmaplasty addresses prominent platysma muscle bands. A platysmaplasty may involve corsetting the muscle bands of the neck. In addition, a genioplasty can be performed at the same time. Genioplasty surgery can include a chin implant or a jaw surgery called a sliding genioplasty whereby the chin is slid forward by making bone cuts in the mandible. In addition, a pre jowl chin implant may improve unwanted and deep jowls at the jawline.

What is the difference between a neck lift and a facelift?

A neck lift utilizes a small chin incision to access and remove neck fat. It may be combined with a submentoplasty surgery to plicate platysma bands. A facelift involves an incision around the ear whereby the jowls of the lower face and the midface can be resuspended and elevated. Facelift surgery successfully repositions the SMAS (muscle and fat layer of the face) which has descended with aging. Mini facelift San Antonio surgery may be performed to address jowls as well as remove chin and neck fat through a limited incision. Mini facelift cost and neck lift cost are comparable. A facial plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Barrera is recommended to evaluate the best facelift surgery options. Watch our patient recover from neck lift and facelift surgery at You can learn more about facelift options at