RejuveMD Medspa

What is ReJuveMD MedSpa?


ReJuveMD MedSpa is a wellness medical spa in San Antonio, Texas whose aim is to give our patients renewal, restoration, and rejuvenation. RejuveMD MedSpa is directed by San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD. Rejuve MD MedSpa offers various cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate your face, rejuvenate your skin, and rejuvenate sleep. We offer facial treatments to treat acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and scars. We use chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and intense pulse light (IPL) to achieve facial rejuvenation. Volume and wrinkle reduction is improved with dermal fillers and Botox® neuromodulators. Skin rejuvenation is achieved through various non ablative and ablative lasers including the ResurFX Erbium Glass Laser, Syneron Candela CO2RE laser, and Lumenis Ultrapulse CO2 lasers. Rejuvenating sleep is a specialty of RejuveMD MedSpa. We help our patients Feel Rested, Look Refreshed and hope to return energy, vigor, and life for our clients.

Rejuvenate your Face

Chemical Peels (glycolic, TCA, retinoic acid, lactic peel)

Our esthetician uses a combination of chemical peels to improve skin texture, acne scars, and pigmentation. Chemical peels improve more superficial facial lesions and pigment. Our aesthetician offers lactic acid, glycolic, TCA, and Skinceuticals chemical peels to address your concerns for wrinkles, brown spots, age spots, solar elastosis, acne scars and freckles.

Watch as Dr. Barrera receives a glycolic peel treatment!

Combining IPL and ResurFX Laser Resurfacing

As a Stanford University graduate in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD learned about the various skin treatments available to treat sun damage, age spots, discoloration, and melasma. IPL and non-ablative ResurFX Erbium Glass Laser rejuvenation requires a series of 4 to 6 skin treatments depending on the skin condition, severity, and degree of pigmentation you wish to address. Our doctors and esthetician may recommend additional treatments on a monthly basis to maintain your cosmetic improvement.

Facials (steam, mask)

Facials performed at RejuveMD MedSpa are designed to clarify the skin, bring back youthful luster and shine, as well as provide an anti-aging maintenance formula for daily skincare. RejuveMD MedSpa carries a line of anti aging, acne prevention and treatment, and antioxidant skincare product line.

Intense Pulse Light

RejuveMD MedSpa uses Lumenis Intense Pulse Light with Optimal Pulse Technology (OPL) to target various skin chromophores. The IPL is absorbed by either melanin or hemoglobin chromophores. In turn, pigmented and vascular pigment becomes debris which is removed by the body naturally resulting in a youthful rejuvenated appearance. IPL treats vascular and pigmented lesions, skin aging, photoaging and hair removal. Lumenis IPL is considered one of the best IPL systems available today.

Dermal Fillers (Restylane, Restylane Silk, Perlane Lyft, Radiesse, Sculptra, Juvederm). Dermal Fillers are performed by Dr. Jose Barrera, MD to achieve volume, balance, and facial symmetry. Cheek and lip augmentation using Perlane Lyft and Radiesse are both used for temple and cheek augmentation. For artistic lips, Restylane Silk is used to define the white and red lips while Restylane is used to volumize lips.

Neuromodulators (Botox A, Dysport, Xeomin). Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are neuromodulators used by Dr. Jose Barrera, MD to improve forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and bunny lines, and a pebbly chin. All botox injections smooth out wrinkles and rejuvenate the face.

Rejuvenate your Skin

We also offer laser skin resurfacing to rejuvenate your skin and treat deeper acne scars, stubborn wrinkles, solar elastosis, striae, cherry angiomas, leg veins, and telengiectasias, and other vascular lesions.

ResurFX Erbium Glass Laser. Non ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing consists of using a laser with a narrow wavelength to target the water chromophore in the skin. The ResurFX stimulates neocollagenesis without tissue evaporation or ablation. ResurFX is an Erbium Glass laser with minimal downtime. ResurFX uses a 1565nm fiber laser and advanced scanner enabling the user to treat various scars, photo aging, and deep wrinkles.

Syneron Candela CO2RE Laser

Lumenis Ultrapulse Active and Deep FX Laser.  Active and Deep FX lasers are ablative lasers that cause tissue tissue evaporation or ablation. By removing all or part of the skin, ablative CO2 lasers
effectively treat a broad range of skin conditions. CO2 lasers produce light at a 10,600nm wavelength, absorbing water, and can treat superficial skin lesions or very deep scars.

Rejuvenate your Sleep

As a board certified Sleep Medicine Specialist and Stanford Fellowship Trained Sleep Surgeon, Dr. Barrera can offer nasal surgery to improve breathing, palate surgery to reduce or eliminate snoring, and airway reconstruction to improve obstructive sleep apnea.  Dr. Barrera performs various snoring and sleep apnea surgery and tailors the treatments to your unique sleep severity and condition.