Scar Revision

Scar Revision Surgery & Removal in San Antonio, Texas

Scar Revision and laser scar surgery can correct wrinkles, acne, and burns with fractional laser resurfacing and skin treatments to smooth and improve the texture of the face.

Interested in laser scar revision and removal surgery in San Antonio, Texas? Do you have excessive wrinkles, large pores, acne scarring or burns? Scar revision and laser scar surgery will help to improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of scars by resurfacing the outer layer of skin resulting in a smoother and less wrinkled appearance. We utilize fractionated technology in combination with antioxidant treatments to decrease the downtime associated with facial resurfacing. In addition, facial plastic surgery procedures using small and well-hidden incisions can orient scars into aesthetic units to improve the appearance of scars and reconstruct Moh’s surgery defects from skin cancer resection.

Understanding Scar Revision and Laser Scar Surgery

Dr. Jose Barrera, MD, will evaluate your skin type, wrinkles, texture, and color of your skin. Laser skin resurfacing can reduce wrinkles around the lips, eyelids, and face. It can also be useful to treat facial scarring and introduce anti-inflammatory steroid medicine. Laser skin resurfacing involves removing the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and penetrates the papillary dermis to produce new collagen. Dr. Barrera utilizes both the Syneron Candela CO2RE laser and Deep FX for laser scar surgery as well as the M22 Erbium Glass ResurFX to improve the color and texture of the scar.

What to expect after Scar revision and laser scar surgery?

Adequate preparation in the form of skin cleansing, using adequate sun block, and starting an anti-viral medication are essential to achieve a successful outcome. Dr. Barrera will discuss the risks of the procedure and provider you with a consent and instruction form to educate you. It is important to realize that lasers have specific applications. a single procedure will most likely fail to completely remove all my dyschromia, or textural problems in the area treated. Individual response will vary according to skin types, hair color, degree of tanning, follow-up care, and the body area being treated. A facial plastic surgeon is experienced in the use of the laser and can best guide your care.

Does medical insurance cover scar revision cost and laser scar surgery?

Insurance does not generally cover surgery that is done for purely cosmetic reasons. Surgery to correct congenital deformities or accidental skin injuries may be reimbursable in whole or part. It is the patient’s responsibility to check with the insurance carrier for information regarding the degree of coverage.

Do you have prominent facial scars?

Deep scars of the face and neck can be improved with facial plastic surgery to help fade the scars and laser resurfacing to improve the color and texture of the scar.  Facial Plastic Surgery helps to balance the face and neck and camouflage scarring. Using fractional CO2 laser scar resurfacing like the to Syneron Candela CO2RE laser, the thickness and texture of the scar can be improved and anti-inflammatory medicines can be delivered. We have introduced the Syneron Candela CO2RE laser CO2 to both aesthetic and scar revision patients. In addition, we offer ResurFX Erbium laser for scar revision San Antonio. The Syneron Candela CO2RE laser can treat rosacea, brown spots, and melasma. Our multi-spot Nd:Yag laser can be used to treat telengiectasias, spider veins, and leg veins as well as erythema and scar redness. Our complement of lasers for scar revision and laser scar surgery San Antonio can help most patients with with wrinkles, acne scarring, rosacea, and vascular lesions of the face, neck, and body.

Dermal Fillers

Have you lost volume in your face from a scar?

Dermal Fillers help to augment a volume depleted face that can result from aging or excessive weight loss. Fillers can include commercially available products such as juvederm, restylane, restylane silk, radiesse, sculptra or perlane. Sculptra has recently been a go to dermal filler combined with CO2 laser resurfacing for severe acne scars, ice pick scars, and facial volume loss. Dr. Barrera also specializes in permanent facial volume restoration using Facial Fat Grafting.

Skin cancer

Have you been diagnosed with skin cancer and are scheduled for removal of the malignancy?

Reconstruction of Moh’s or Dermatology defects through Facial Plastic Surgery allows for the most aesthetic and functional closure of these abnormalities.  Dr. Jose Barrera, MD, will work alongside your dermatologist or cancer surgeon to offer the most functional and aesthetic reconstructive options for the facial defect. Visit our Gallery of patient before and after photos demonstrating our experience.