How Soon Can You Get Revision Rhinoplasty?

  Each year, over 350,000 Americans get a rhinoplasty, or nose reshaping, procedure. This makes it the second most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. However, many people don’t hear about the fact that many rhinoplasty patients aren’t happy with the results of their procedure. When this happens, patients have three options: Leave it as… Read More »

What Should I Be Asking My Doctor Before a Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

Facial reconstruction surgery can be a life-changing event for patients. After a traumatic accident, an illness, or even to change a physical feature from birth, facial reconstruction surgery can help patients achieve a physical appearance that they are happy with, and one that functions properly. However, the severity and importance of facial reconstruction surgery mean… Read More »

What Is a Good Treatment for Facial Scars?

Facial scars vary from mild to severe. For some people, they can be an unwanted reminder of a traumatic accident, and for others, they might be remnants of stressful times as a teenager with bad acne. The best treatment for facial scars will depend on the individual and the specific characteristics of the scar. It… Read More »

How Long Does a Deep Plane Facelift Last?

The facelift is one of the five most popular cosmetic procedures in the US, with over 230,000 patients receiving the surgery each year. While there are different types of facelifts, the deep plane facelift delivers some of the most long-lasting and satisfying results. Here, Dr. Jose Barrera discusses the deep plane facelift procedure, how long… Read More »

Should You Massage Restylane to Help Results?

Restylane is an injectable product used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, volumize lips, and add definition to other facial features such as the cheeks and jawline. With the increasing popularity of dermal fillers, there is some confusion about what you should do after you’ve received Restylane. Here, Dr. Jose Barrera discusses whether or not… Read More »

How Can Dermal Fillers Benefit Men?

Traditionally, a negative stigma has been attributed to men seeking plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments. However, as more men, including celebrities like Aston Kutcher and Brad Pitt, are discussing the work they’ve had done, more and more men are beginning to feel comfortable realizing the incredible aesthetic benefits that treatments like dermal fillers for… Read More »

What to Expect During Recovery From Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a surgical treatment that alters the shape, appearance, and size of your ears. It’s a relatively straightforward operation that can significantly restore your self-confidence by improving your ears’ position and proportion.   Otoplasty is a solution for overly prominent or misshapen ears, or for earlobes that have stretched or… Read More »

How Restful Sleep Can Help Your Skin

We’ve all needed to get some beauty sleep at one point or another. You might be surprised to learn that “beauty sleep” is more than just a turn of phrase – getting proper, restful sleep works miracles for your skin health and aesthetic appearance. Here, industry-leading facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses what happens… Read More »

How Long Does Maxillofacial Surgery Take to Heal?

Recovering from maxillofacial surgery varies from patient to patient, and there are several factors that determine recovery time. Here, industry-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses maxillofacial surgery in-depth and analyzes how long it takes for maxillofacial surgery to heal. What is Maxillofacial Surgery? Maxillofacial surgery is any corrective operation performed on the face, jaw,… Read More »