Foundation for Facial Aesthetics

Enjoyed speaking on #facelift surgery and laser resurfacing at the #FFAS Foundation for Facial Aesthetics meeting and engaging with facial plastic surgeons in #NOLA

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Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio

What to Do about Dark Undereye Circles

If you have dark undereye circles you may be tempted to treat them on your own with over-the-counter remedies. But topical products can only address the symptoms: a true solution…

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How Long Will My Injectables Results Last?

If you’re considering turning back the clock with a cosmetic injectable, you may be wondering how long results last. The truth is that the answer is a bit more complicated…

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Respuestas a preguntas frecuentes sobre la recuperación de la rinoplastia

Hay más probabilidades de recuperarse eficazmente de una rinoplastia si usted tiene en claro qué esperar. El cirujano rinoplástico de San Antonio José Barrera lo invita a aprender lo que…

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Answering Common Questions about Rhinoplasty Recovery

The likelihood of having a smooth recovery from rhinoplasty is greater if you have a good idea of what to expect. San Antonio rhinoplasty surgeon Jose Barrera encourages you to…

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Understanding the Surgical Treatment of Facial and Jaw Deformities

Deformities of the face and jaw can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life, including their speech, their ability to properly bite and chew and how comfortable they feel…

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Facial Nerve Transfer

Cranial Nerve Surgery

Always at the forefront of advances in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Jose Barrera is excited to share more about a groundbreaking area of focus called cranial nerve surgery….

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Periorbital Rejuvenation

Periorbital Rejuvenation: Combining Brow Lift with Eyelid Surgery

Perhaps the most prominent and expressive area of the face includes the eyes, brows and forehead. Unfortunately, this area is also extremely susceptible to the aging process. With advancing age,…

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Dr. Jose Barrera speaks at International Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting

Dr. Barrera gave courses at the 2018 International Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. His topics were Measure Twice, Cut Once: Virtual Surgical Planning for Craniofacial…

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