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Cheek Implants San Antonio, Tx, with Dr. Jose BarrerA

Your cheeks will change throughout your life. Babies are known for their full, chubby cheeks. As you age, those cheeks will slim down, until one day, you notice they are less full than they should be. Cheek augmentation in San Antonio restores or creates definition in the cheek area.

Dr. Jose Barrera is a double fellowship trained and double board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial plastic surgery. He is one of the area’s top providers of cheek augmentation with implants and dermal fillers. Contact our office to learn more about cheek implants today. Dr. Barrera’s areas of expertise include facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

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What Are Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants provide shape and definition to the cheek area. They are used in younger patients to create definition and in older patients, they can restore youthful facial contours. What are cheek implants? They are small medical devices that are surgically implanted into the cheeks. Most patients enjoy their implants for many years. They will remain in the cheeks until they are surgically removed.

What will you look like with cheek implants? You’ll look much like you already do, but the added definition may enhance some of your features. Enjoy a new and improved appearance with cheek augmentation. Many patients undergo a trial of facial fillers to the cheek area prior to cheek implants in San Antonio to simulate their postoperative result. Cheek fillers like Restylane Lyft or Restylane Defyne may be a good option to estimate how much volume is preferred. Cheek fillers will typically last 9 months to 12 months, therefore, many patients consider a cheek implant as a permanent alternative to recurring need for cheek fillers.

What Do Cheek Implants Look and Feel Like?

Cheek implants are made from a firm but flexible silicone material. When they are implanted, they feel similar to the natural cheekbone. Silicone is used in many medical devices including breast implants.

The implants we use come in different shapes and sizes. Some implants are placed directly onto the cheekbones to provide definition and projection. Other implants are designed to add fullness to the cheek, correcting a sunken or gaunt appearance. There are also combination implants available that accomplish both of these goals.

Patient before and after photo after revision rhinoplasty and cheek implants by Dr. Barrera

Profile photo of patient before and after photo after revision rhinoplasty and cheek implants by Dr. Barrera

Am I a Good Candidate for Cheek Implants in Texas?

implants are popular with patients that are getting older. As the face ages, it loses volume, especially in the cheek area. Hollows begin to appear, under the eyes may look sunken, and sagging occurs in the lower face. Deflated cheeks can lead to the development of jowls and nasolabial folds. 

Younger patients turn to cheek implants to define rounded or flat cheeks.

You may benefit from cheek implants if:

  • You have a round “baby face”
  • Your face is thinning from aging
  • You want to increase definition in the middle face

Good candidates for this procedure are in good health and have realistic expectations.

Since smoking can slow healing, all patients that are considering plastic surgery should stop using nicotine products including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco.

What Happens During San Antonio Cheek Augmentation?

Once you are comfortable and have proper anesthesia, Dr. Barrera will make an incision to allow placement of the implant. Cheek implants are commonly placed through an incision inside of the mouth or through the lower eyelids. If you’re receiving another facial surgery, like a facelift or brow lift, Dr. Barrera may be able to place your implants through the incisions that are being used for the facelift. The implant is carefully placed into position and secured.

This procedure takes about an hour. You’ll be able to return home shortly after surgery, but you will need someone to drive you.

Healing After Cheek Implants

The recovery for cheek implants varies, but most patients are back to work and daily activities quickly. Typically, patients miss three to seven days of work.

Swelling can make it difficult to smile initially and may limit your ability to make some facial expressions temporarily. Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling.

If the implants were placed through the inside of the cheek, special oral care precautions will be needed while you heal. Dr. Barrera may ask you to rinse your mouth several times each day. A soft food diet is helpful so your new incisions can heal and should be followed for several days.

We’ll teach you how to properly care for your incisions and body during recovery. If you have questions or concerns, contact our office at any time.

Other Options for Cheek Augmentation

Cheek implants are commonly used for cheek augmentation, but other treatment options may be available. We may also use fillers and fat injections to restore youthful fullness and definition to the cheek area.

Fat Injection

Fat grafting provides long-lasting volume to the cheeks.  Fat is extracted from the body using liposuction. Fat is removed from an area with excess, often the abdomen, waist, or thighs. The extracted fat is placed into syringes and injected into the cheeks. Fat injections typically last longer than injectable fillers, offering near-permanent results for many patients.

Patient before and after photo facial fat grafting to the cheeks with facelift surgery by Dr. Barrera

Filler Injection

Dermal fillers can provide volume and shape to the cheeks without surgery or downtime. They are injected into the cheeks to restore volume and youthful facial contours.  Restylane Lyft® is particularly effective for cheek augmentation. It is FDA-approved for use in the cheeks and is specially formulated to provide lift and shape to this area. Results can last up to two years with a single treatment depending on amount placed and patient metabolism. Most fillers last 9 – 12 months in the cheek. .

Patient before and after photo after facial fillers to the cheeks in combination with CO2 laser resurfacing by Dr. Barrera

Explore your options for cheek augmentation with Dr. Barrera. At your consultation, we’ll help you determine which option will be most effective: cheek implants, fat grafting, or dermal fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cheek Implants in Texas

Costs for this procedure vary. There are various type of cheek implants depending on whether malar or submalar augmentation is needed. There are different types of implants available. During the consultation, Dr. Barrera will size an appropriate implant for you. Come in for a consultation to receive a personalized quote for your procedure.

Cheek implants are permanently implanted into the face. Results last as long as the implant remains in place. Most patients enjoy long-lasting results from this procedure.

Cheek implants come in many sizes, allowing us to customize each patient’s appearance. We’ll help you select an implant size and shape that complements your facial anatomy.

Cheek implants are placed using a few different incision options. Many of these options leave no visible scarring. Ask Dr. Barrera where your incisions will be located and if you’ll experience scarring.

You’ll see an immediate change in your appearance after surgery, but initially, swelling will cover your results. At first, the cheeks will look puffy and swollen. As swelling subsides, you’ll start to see increased definition in the cheeks. Swelling is the most pronounced in the first week.

Cheek implants are the ideal solution for women and men who want long-term results with minimal downtime. Medical-grade facial implants provide more volume and a 3D structure that fillers simply can’t. For patients who have severely sunken cheeks, dermal fillers may not be enough to give you the outcome you’re looking for. However, if you are looking to try a temporary solution, fillers are the better option. 

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