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In Preparation for Your Visit:

In order to expedite your visit with Dr. Jose Barrera, MD, Contact Us and receive an access code to our Patient Portal. The Patient Portal is located on each website page. Patients may enter the patient portal to complete new patient forms, upload insurance information, and answer questions. Please bring any pertinent medical records or diagnostic tests, if applicable to your visit. Many patients like to bring their own written questions and concerns to discuss during the visit. Patient resources are listed below.


Patient Resources and Forms

PDF Laser Surgery Consent Check List

PDF Check List for Surgery

PDF Photos release Private HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form

PDFConsent Form for Face Lift »

PDFGeneral Consent Form »

PDFNew Patient Intake »

PDFPatient Photographic Consent and Release »


Patient Handouts

PDFAfter Tonsil or Adenoid Surgery »

PDFAfter Your Sinus Surgery »

PDFBells Palsy InfoSheet »

PDFBudesonide Instructions »


PDFDisclaimer »

PDFEarache and Otitis Media »

PDFEpworth Sleepiness Scale »

PDF Facelift Consultation FAQs »

PDF Facial Fat Grafting »

PDFFacial Fat Grafting – Malar Fat Volume »

PDFFunctional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery InfoSheet »

PDFInstructions for Voice Rest »

PDFMeneire’s Disease Info Picture »

PDFMeneire’s Disease InfoSheet »

PDFMyringotomy & Pressure Equalizing Tubes & Ear Tube Surgery »

PDFNosebleed InfoSheet »

PDFObstructive Sleep Apnea »

PDFOrthognathic Surgery »

PDFPE Tube Instructions »

PDFPostOp Adenoidectomy Instructions »

PDFPostOp Blepharoplasty Instructions »

PDFPostOp Cleft Palate Instructions »

PDFPostOp Facelift Instructions »

PDFPostOp Otoplasty Instructions »

PDFPostOp PalateRadioFreqAblation Instructions »

PDFPostOp Palatopharyngoplasty Instructions »

PDFPostOp Rhinoplasty Instructions »

PDFPostOp Septoplasty Instructions »

PDFPostOp TurbinateRadioFreqAblation Instructions »

PDFSinus Care Instructions »

PDFSleep Surgery Timeline for Pediatric Patients »

PDFSleep Surgery PreOp »

PDFSleep Surgery Timeline »

PDFSurgery Check List »

PDFSurgery Diet »

PDFSurgery Med Sheet »

PDFThyroidectomy InfoSheet »

PDFTips for reducing reflux and LPR »

PDFUvuloPalatoPharvngoPlasty InfoSheet »


Patient Financing

Dr. Jose Barrera, MD,  PLLC, dba Texas Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, and Endormir Surgical, PLLC accept most major insurance. Financing is available through CareCredit and Prosper Lending. To apply for financing Click Here and click the “Apply Now” button or Click the Care Credit Tab located on the website menu. To learn more about this option the Care Credit Option click here.

Website Disclaimer

PDF Website Disclaimer »