Mentoplasty and Genioplasty

Mentoplasty and Genioplasty – San Antonio, TX

Sometimes, when looking in the mirror or at pictures of yourself, you may not like what you see. There could be specific things about your face that bother you, like disproportional facial features, the effects of aging on your skin, or body fat in unwanted places. 

All it takes is for one specific part of your face to make you feel uncomfortable. The shape or profile of your chin is typically an area of concern, and you may want to find a way to improve this and restore youth and vitality to your appearance.

Chin Surgery Overview

A balanced facial appearance depends partly on your chin’s shape and size relative to the nose. Surgery of the jaw can reduce (mentoplasty) or augment (genioplasty) the chin and give your face a more symmetrical and pleasing appearance.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera performs both chin reduction and augmentation surgery procedures at San Antonio’s Texas Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery. During your consultations with Dr. Barrera, you can decide on the best course of treatment for you, and your surgeon will create a comprehensive, tailored surgical plan that takes all your needs into account.

What is the best choice for you?

What Do Mentoplasty and Jowl Lift Surgery Entail?

Mentoplasty, which reshapes the chin to improve the proportions of your facial features, requires Dr. Barrera to make a small incision in the neck. He will use this incision to carefully remove excess skin and fat with a thin tube called a cannula. The only other incisions are those beneath the chin for different stages of the surgery.

Dr. Barrera will then use an electrical bone burr or drill to reduce and reshape the bone to create a more natural appearance. He will then stitch the incision closed and apply tape to the chin area.

Is There a Difference Between Mentoplasty and a Facelift?

Mentoplasty surgery uses a small neck incision to access and remove unwanted neck fat, helping define the chin and jawline and improving the jowls.

A facelift requires an incision around the ear, which allows Dr. Barrera to elevate and re-suspend the jowls of the lower face and the midface. Facelift surgery can successfully reposition the face’s muscle and fat layer, which has started sagging due to the aging process. Dr. Barrera can combine neck surgery options to address multiple concerns simultaneously.

What Does Genioplasty Surgery Entail?

Genioplasty improves the chin and jawline by surgically moving the chin forward to improve a weak chin, or back to reduce a prominent chin or correct chin asymmetry. Sliding genioplasty is a chin enhancement procedure where Dr. Barrera physically slides the jawbone forward to create more projection in the chin and lower face.

When performing genioplasty surgery, Dr. Barrera makes a concealed incision in the lower lip area, ensuring there will be no visible facial scars after healing. If he is also performing liposuction, he’ll make small incision in the lower chin, then position a liposuction cannula to gently remove fat from beneath the chin.

As an alternative to a chin implant, Dr. Barrera might perform a sliding genioplasty, where he slides the chin forward to augment the chin, correct a prominent chin, or provide symmetry to a crooked chin.

Revision chin surgery may be necessary when a patient has lost chin bone due to erosion from a poorly positioned chin implant. With this surgery, Dr. Barrera removes the chin implant, smooths the eroded bone, and performs a sliding genioplasty.

The next step typically involves either placing a chin implant to project the chin forward, a pre-jowl chin implant to enhance the pre-jowl sulcus and jawline, or even a combination pre-jowl and chin implant.

Can I Combine a Genioplasty and a Mentoplasty?

Yes, Dr. Barrera can perform genioplasty and mentoplasty procedures during the same surgery session. Combining surgeries is an excellent idea for anyone with a busy schedule who doesn’t want two separate recovery periods.

How Can I Learn More About Chin Surgery?

Dr. Jose Barrera, MD, is a leading board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience performing chin augmentation. He combines extensive training and skill with his artistic eye to produce long-lasting and natural-looking results.

To learn more about the chin reduction or augmentation and other facial rejuvenation procedures with Dr. Barrera in San Antonio, TX, please schedule a personal consultation online or by calling 210-468-5426 today.