Genioplasty San Antonio

Genioplasty San Antonio improves the chin and jawline by moving the chin surgically. San Antonio Genioplasty Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD specializes in chin augmentation surgery to improve a weak chin, move back a prominent chin, or correct chin asymmetry. A Sliding Genioplasty can be combined to improve the neck and remove unwanted fat.

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Where is Genioplasty San Antonio surgery performed?

Genioplasty San Antonio patients may receive their cosmetic surgery as an outpatient procedure. Under general anesthesia genioplasty surgery is performed. Facelift and Neck lift surgery may also be performed but usually in a hospital setting.

What is involved in Genioplasty San Antonio surgery?

San Antonio Genioplasty involves making an incision in the lower lip area. The incision is hidden so that there are no visible facial scars.  If liposuction is performed, then a small lower chin incision is made. A liposuction canula is placed to gently remove fat from under the chin. No other incisions are made except for the incision beneath the chin. An alternative to a chin implant is the sliding genioplasty. Genioplasty surgery involves a jaw surgery called a sliding genioplasty whereby the chin is slid forward. A sliding genioplasty can augment a chin, correct a prominent chin, or provide symmetry to a crooked chin.

How much does a Sliding Geniplasty Cost?

A sliding genioplasty cost ranges from $6000 – 9000 which includes the hardware (plates and screws), general anesthesia, facility or hospital fees, and the surgeon’s fees. If a bone graft is required to augment or correct lost bone, then the price may increase.

Can a Genioplasty San Antonio be performed after a chin implant?

A sliding genioplasty can be performed after a chin implant. There are patients who have lost chin bone due to erosion from a poorly position chin implant. A revision chin surgery may be necessary in this case. The chin implant is removed and the eroded bone burred smooth. A sliding genioplasty can then be performed.

Can Genioplasty be used to correct obstructive sleep apnea or OSA?

Sliding genioplasty is designed to correct cosmetic concerns about a weak, protruding, or asymmetric chin. Patients with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea may benefit from a sliding genioplasty when a weak or assymetric chin is present. Another operation which more effectively targets the genioglossus muscle involved in many cases of OSA is a geniotubercle advancement or GTA. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD has published numerous articles on the sliding genioplasty and the geniotubercle advancement surgery. A video can be viewed on the Texas Plastic Surgery Youtube channel at

Genioglossal Jaw Advancement Surgery