Achieving The Youthful Neck | Implants or Facelift?

What is the difference between a prejowl chin implant and a facelift? Surgery to create a youthful neck is approached through a small neck incision to access and remove unwanted neck fat. A prejowl chin implant is a type of mentoplasty whereby the chin and jaw line are better defined. It may be combined with a neck… Read More »

Genioplasty San Antonio

Genioplasty San Antonio improves the chin and jawline by moving the chin surgically. San Antonio Genioplasty Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD specializes in chin augmentation surgery to improve a weak chin, move back a prominent chin, or correct chin asymmetry. A Sliding Genioplasty can be combined to improve the neck and remove unwanted fat. Before… Read More »

Neck Lift San Antonio, Texas

Neck Lift San Antonio Texas Specialist and Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs necklift and mini facelift San Antonio surgery to improve the jawline and remove neck fat without a facelift. A Necklift San Antonio is a minimally invasive procedure which removes fat from underneath the jaw line. A neck lift may also involve… Read More »