Mentoplasty San Antonio | Jowl Lift Surgery

Mentoplasty in San Antonio is performed by Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD. Dr. Barrera performs chin implants in the prejowl and chin in combination with neck lift to improve the neck. Jowl Lift Surgery may involve placing a pre jowl chin implant to disguise the jowls of the neck. Jowl improvement is often done by performing a deep plane facelift and neck lift in Dr. Barrera’s practice at Texas Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery.

Where is Mentoplasty San Antonio surgery performed?
Mentoplasty San Antonio patients may receive their cosmetic surgery as an outpatient surgery. The jowl lift surgery may also be performed in a hospital setting.

Watch our patient’s journey through Facelift and jowl lift surgery at Jowl lift surgery patient experience.

What is involved in Mentoplasty San Antonio and Jowl Lift surgery?
Mentoplasty involves making an incision in the neck to removed excess skin and fat. The skin can be removed and a liposuction canula placed to gently remove fat from under the chin. No other incisions are made except for the incision beneath the chin. Mentoplasty San Antonio surgery may also involve platysma band treatment whereby prominent platysma bands are corsetted. The chin is then addressed by either placing a chin implant to project the chin, a prejowl chin implant to improve the prejowl sulcus and jaw line, or combination prejowl and chin implant. An alternative to a chin implant is a sliding genioplasty. A genioplasty can be performed at the same time as mentoplasty. Genioplasty surgery involves a jaw surgery called a sliding genioplasty whereby the chin is slid forward. A sliding genioplasty can augment a chin, correct a prominent chin, or provide symmetry to a crooked chin.

What is the difference between a mentoplasty and a facelift?
A mentoplasty utilizes a small neck incision to access and remove unwanted neck fat. A mentoplasty defines the chin and jaw line and improves the jowls. It may be combined with a neck lift surgery to plicate platysma bands. A facelift involves an incision around the ear whereby the jowls of the lower face and the midface can be resuspended and elevated. Facelift surgery successfully repositions the SMAS (muscle and fat layer of the face) which has descended with aging. All of these neck surgery options can be combined or performed separately.