Submentoplasty San Antonio | Neck Band Surgery

Submentoplasty San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera performs submentoplasty to improve the aging neck and correct neck bands. The featured patient had a previous history of severe acne scarring in the face and neck. Neck band surgery addressed the neck deformity with a neck lift and facelift. The submentoplasty San Antonio provided a symmetric neck lift and neck band correction.


Removal of Neck Bands with Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery
Neck Band and Double Chin Surgery by Dr. Barrera

Where is Submentoplasty San Antonio surgery performed?

Submentoplasty San Antonio patients may receive their cosmetic surgery as an outpatient surgery. Facelift and Neck lift surgery may also be performed in a hospital setting.

Watch our patient’s story about their facelift and mentoplasty surgery at Live Patient Journey with Facial Rejuvenation Surgery.

What is involved in Mentoplasty San Antonio surgery?

A Submentoplasty addresses neck bands or platysma bands. Neck band surgery may be combined with a facelift operation. The excess skin is removed through a traditional facelift approach. If there is excessive and redundant skin in the neck, then a submentoplasty may need to be done. A submentoplasty involves making an incision in the neck to removed excess skin and fat. The skin can be removed through a Grecian Urn incision and fat through liposuction. Submentoplasty San Antonio surgery may also involve platysma band treatment whereby prominent platysma bands are corsetted. In addition, a genioplasty can be performed at the same time. Genioplasty surgery can include a chin implant or a jaw surgery called a sliding genioplasty whereby the chin is slid forward.

What is the difference between a submentoplasty and a facelift?

A Mentoplasty utilizes a small neck incision to access and remove unwanted neck skin and fat. A turkey neck can be treated with submentoplasty. Mentoplasty surgeries vary by patient. There is no guarantee in the final outcome as outcomes vary by patient age, amount of skin and neck tissue to be addressed, co-morbidities, and history of prior procedures. A mentoplasty be combined with a neck lift surgery to plicate platysma bands. A facelift involves an incision around the ear whereby the jowls of the lower face and the midface can be resuspended and elevated. Facelift surgery successfully repositions the SMAS (muscle and fat layer of the face) which has descended with aging.