Can You Combine Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery?

The nose sits at the center of our face. As such, it is an essential aesthetic focal point, but it is also a vital organ that facilitates our breathing. For many people in the U.S., their nose can be a source of discomfort, either for aesthetic or functional reasons. A question that patients frequently ask… Read More »

Rhinoplasty: More Options Means Better Results

Which type of rhinoplasty surgery is right for you? Only an expert like Dr. Barrera can help you make that decision. Known for precise, natural-looking results, you can be sure Dr. Barrera will create the straight, balanced, perfectly-proportioned nose you’ve always wanted. Contact us online or call our office now to schedule your consultation (210)… Read More »

Lip Augmentation | PermaLip Implant with Dr. Jose Barrera

Permanent lip augmentation can be achieved in various ways. Lip augmentation can be performed with lip fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. Volbella has recently gained attention as a long lasting lip filler. However, all lip fillers will dissipate at about 6 months after injection. In order to achieve a lasting lip augmentation, permanent lip implants… Read More »

Revision Rhinoplasty | Nasal Tip Refinement and Hump Removal

Our patient underwent rhinoplasty with San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jose Barrera. The goal of rhinoplasty was to bring attention to her eyes and lips. Transformation in rhinoplasty is best achieved with natural results. Rhinoplasty is a transforming procedure which can improve nasal breathing as well as form and shape. People naturally focus on… Read More »

Answering Common Questions about Rhinoplasty Recovery

The likelihood of having a smooth recovery from rhinoplasty is greater if you have a good idea of what to expect. San Antonio rhinoplasty surgeon Jose Barrera encourages you to learn as much as you can about the recovery process. He will give you very detailed instructions about the post-operative period, and he will also… Read More »

Dr. Jose Barrera speaks at International Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting

Dr. Barrera gave courses at the 2018 International Facial Plastic Surgery Meeting at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. His topics were Measure Twice, Cut Once: Virtual Surgical Planning for Craniofacial Surgery and how to build and credential an ambulatory surgical facility. He also presented a poster on functional rhinoplasty outcomes evaluating functional breathing scores between… Read More »