What Are the Differences Between Male and Female Rhinoplasties?

Many people incorrectly assume that rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is the same for men and women.

In reality, the fundamental aesthetic variances between the feminine and masculine noses mean the procedure differs significantly.

Although the procedure does follow similar basic concepts, the aesthetic appreciation and experience required to alter the appearance of a masculine or feminine nose successfully makes it vital to select the right surgeon.

In this article, industry-leading facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses the differences between male rhinoplasty and female rhinoplasty and the particular approaches required to perform a successful rhinoplasty on each form.

Differences Between Male and Female Noses

There are several primary differences between male and female noses:

  • Male nose bridges are straighter and broader than female nose bridges

  • Female noses have a deeper concave and thus have more curve from a profile view

  • Female nose tips are less bulbous than men

  • The skin surrounding a man’s nose is thicker than a woman’s, making it harder to manipulate and limiting the degree of change that can be made to the appearance of the nose
  • The piece of skin and tissue that separates the nostrils joins the face near the upper lip at a slightly tighter angle in men than in women

These differences in the basic physiology of the nose make male and female rhinoplasties different.

How Does the Procedure Differ for Men and Women?

Rhinoplasties for both men and women occur under general anesthesia. They both involve incisions and manipulating the bones and tissue of the nose and possibly inside the nasal cavity. The extent of tissue manipulation depends on your goals for rhinoplasty – whether purely aesthetic, functional, or reconstructive. The only way to determine this is via personal consultation with Dr. Barrera, in which you can clarify your desired goals and Dr. Barrera can recommend the best and most effective course of action.

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