5 Facts About Lip Fillers

The lips are one of the most attractive facial features. You use them all the time; whether you’re eating, drinking, talking, laughing, or kissing, the lips are involved. That’s why having lips that make you feel confident is so important.

In this article, expert plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses five of the most interesting and surprising facts about lip fillers.

1.     Over 1.5 Million Soft Tissue Filler Procedures are Performed Each Year

Non-surgical lip augmentation is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures, with over a million injections administered each year. This volume comes from both new patients and patients getting touch-up procedures.

2.     2-3 Visits a Year are All You Need

The filler products used in lip fillers are designed to be broken down over time. This means they are only semi-permanent and require touchups to keep looking their absolute best. What many people mistakenly believe is that these touchups need to be regular. This is not the case. Many patients find the best results come from a touchup every 4-5 months.

3.     You Can Make Fillers Last Longer

Prolonging the results of the procedure is of course high on everyone’s list. Using an SPF lib-balm when in the sun and a hat is one of the best ways to prolong the results from lip fillers because sunlight degrades hyaluronic acid (the chief component of the filler material).

Furthermore, limiting alcohol and not smoking also help prolong the results and these habits reduce your body’s capacity for healing and full functionality.

4.     Filler Duration Depends on the Patient

One of the main factors determining how long fillers last is a patient’s natural metabolism. Many factors influence metabolism, regular physical activity being one of the most significant increases of metabolism, so more active people will experience more rapid breakdown of their fillers. Thus, people with faster metabolisms will naturally break down the filler substance faster, meaning they will need more regular touchups.

5.     The Doctor Makes a Difference

As lip fillers increase in popularity, so too is the number of people offering the procedure. Salons, spas, cosmetic dentists, and even GPs are cashing in on the opportunity to give you a little jab. It’s essential that you, as the patient, make an informed decision regarding who you choose to perform your lip fillers procedure.

At the bare minimum, you should demand that your provider:

  • is a board-certified plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or injector
  • can show you a before-and-after gallery of patients they’ve worked with
  • has experience administering the type of filler you choose
  • can give you informed and educated insight into the best fillers for you and your personal circumstances

Lip Fillers in San Antonio, TX

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