Surgical vs. Non-surgical Lip Augmentation: Which One Is the Best for Me?

The lips are amongst the most important facial features, framing the teeth and comprising the lower third of the face.

As we age or as our weight fluctuates, the appearance of the lips can change dramatically, which is why an increasing number of patients are considering lip augmentation or lip lift. Traditionally, lip lifts were done with surgery, but advances in technology, products, and techniques mean plastic surgeons can now perform lip augmentation without surgery as well, or a non-surgical lip lift.

In this article, board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera discusses the difference between surgical and non-surgical lip augmentation and guides patients towards the procedure that will best help them achieve their goals.

Surgical Lip Augmentation

Surgical lip augmentation is generally performed for slightly older individuals looking to reverse the effects time and aging have on the facial skin. Gradually, our skin loses elasticity and structural integrity, leading to drooping skin and wrinkles. For the lips and mouth, this often means a permanent droop in the corners of the mouth, resulting in a permanent semi-frown, which many people wish to address with a lip lift.

By removing excess skin from underneath the nose and reattaching the remaining skin, surgeons have been able to achieve this result surgically. While it is ideal for many patients, other patients can get similar results with a non-surgical lip lift.

Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation

Non-surgical lip augmentation leverages the aesthetic power of dermal fillers to volumize and restore contour to the lips and mouth, thus creating fuller, smoother, tighter lips. This is done by strategically injecting the lips and surrounding tissue with products that help smooth out the skin and set the features in a more youthful position.

Which One Should You Choose?

The amount of wrinkling, volume loss, and structural loss you’re experiencing with your lips will determine whether you should choose a surgical or non-surgical lip augmentation. The surgical option will produce more reliable and satisfying results for older patients with more advanced wrinkling. For younger patients wanting to add a bit more vibrance to their lips, the non-surgical route will likely be best.

Lip Augmentation in San Antonio, TX

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