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  Considering Plastic Surgery? Are you searching for a Facial Plastic Surgeon?Need answers to questions about procedures such as laser skin resurfacing, facelift, eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, and facial rejuvenation. Plastic Surgery patients engage in a personal journey to better themselves and seek wellness. Do you have questions about plastic surgery? When searching for a facial plastic surgeon… Read More »

Best Results Facial Plastic Surgery | Combining Facelift and Fat Transfer

Best Results Facial Plastic Surgery techniques combine facelift surgery with facial fat transfer. A brow lift, facelift, and facial fat grafting can be combined to address brow descent, facial jowls, and deflation of the face due to aging. San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs facelift, browlift, and facial fat grafting in… Read More »