Facial Rejuvenation With Patients | Total Facial Makeover

Facial Rejuvenation with Dr. Jose Barrera, MD Facial Rejuvenation Patients seeking facial rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery, and facial plastic surgery experience a positive change and well being when performed to improve one’s self image and wellness. Facial rejuvenation with Dr. Jose Barrera, MD focuses on improving balance and symmetry of the face, facial volume, and improvement… Read More »

Deep Plane Facelift | Facial Fat Grafting | Hairline Browlift

Our patient received a deep plane facelift with a browlift. Initially, she presented with a parotid tumor which was removed through a left-sided parotidectomy. The patient recovered well but continued to have facial fat loss, gustatory sweating, and depression to her left cheek area. She visited San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD… Read More »

Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio | Natural Results | Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio | Natural Results Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio is a facial rejuvenation procedure which restores facial form and shape, elevates descended midface tissues, and helps to correct deformities. Our featured patient had undergone a parotidectomy for removal of a parotid tumor. Her left side of her face had a concavity causing… Read More »

Restoring your Youth | Combining Laser Facelift Surgery

Combining Laser Facelift Surgery can be safely combined to improve midface and lower face jowling, malar bagging, and skin texture. Facial rejuvenation can be achieved with a combination of facelift, browlift and laser resurfacing. View our patients facial plastic surgery before and after results with laser facelift surgery at Total Face Makeover with Dr. Jose Barrera,… Read More »

Best Results Facial Plastic Surgery | Combining Facelift and Fat Transfer

Best Results Facial Plastic Surgery techniques combine facelift surgery with facial fat transfer. A brow lift, facelift, and facial fat grafting can be combined to address brow descent, facial jowls, and deflation of the face due to aging. San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD performs facelift, browlift, and facial fat grafting in… Read More »

My Facelift Journey | Best Facelift Options

Our patient describes her facelift journey as the “The total works. “ This time lapsed video at My Surgery Experience with Dr. Jose Barrera, MD shows the recovery stages for combination facial plastic surgery of my patient Claudia before surgery and follows her through 4 months of healing. Claudia wanted to remove the signs of aging from… Read More »

Face Lift and Rejuvenation

Claudia had lived a hard lifestyle and knew she needed to make a change. She started exercising, eating healthier and noticed everything was improving. Unfortunately, because of her past she could not reverse the look of her face. Watch Dr. José Barrera talk about her procedure and how she now looks as young as she… Read More »