Deep Plane Facelift | Facial Fat Grafting | Hairline Browlift

Our patient received a deep plane facelift with a browlift. Initially, she presented with a parotid tumor which was removed through a left-sided parotidectomy. The patient recovered well but continued to have facial fat loss, gustatory sweating, and depression to her left cheek area. She visited San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD who performed a deep plane facelift with facial fat grafting to fill the left-sided parotid defect. In addition, Dr. Barrera performed 100 ml of liposuction with facial fat grafting to fill in the defect, provide facial symmetry, and improve the cheek volume. She also received a hairline brow lift to improve her brow position. Below are facelift before and after photos to demonstrate her best facial results.