Natural Facelift San Antonio | Natural Results

Natural Facelift Results are what patients are looking for today. The overswept look of yesterday is gone. Dr. Barrera uses a combination of techniques to ensure a natural results with facelift surgery. From elevating the skin in minimally invasive skin incisions, to repositioning the natural fat of the jowls to create a jawline and elevating… Read More »

Turkey Neck San Antonio | Removing Neck Skin Redundancy

What is a turkey neck San Antonio? The Turkey neck San Antonio is a difficult deformity of aging. It is associated with excessive and loose skin around the neck. A deep plane facelift or SMAS facelift is necessary to correct this abnormality. Turkey neck San Antonio specialist Dr. Jose Barrera combines a deep plane facelift… Read More »

Deep Plane Facelift | Facial Fat Grafting | Hairline Browlift

Our patient received a deep plane facelift with a browlift. Initially, she presented with a parotid tumor which was removed through a left-sided parotidectomy. The patient recovered well but continued to have facial fat loss, gustatory sweating, and depression to her left cheek area. She visited San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD… Read More »

Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio | Natural Results | Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio | Natural Results Facial Fat Transfer San Antonio is a facial rejuvenation procedure which restores facial form and shape, elevates descended midface tissues, and helps to correct deformities. Our featured patient had undergone a parotidectomy for removal of a parotid tumor. Her left side of her face had a concavity causing… Read More »