Lasers for Ethnic Skin


Lasers for ethnic skin vary depending on the treatment plan and skin type. There are several lasers for ethnic skin. The safest technologies include fractional laser systems that offer the opporunity for reduced heat to the skin tissues in a short pulse duration time. The newest laser systems used by Dr. Jose Barrera, MD include the Lumenis CO2 Active and Deep FX lasers and the Syneron Candela CO2RE lasers to treat facial and body scars, burns, and wrinkles. Other lasers used in the practice include the Lumenis ResurFX Erbium Glass Laser which is used to treat scars, wrinkles, and dyschromias. We also integrate Lumenis Intense Pulse Light or IPL to treat pigment, sun spots, facial telengiectasias, and rosacea. The short pulse Nd:Yag is used to treat leg veins, vascular lesions, and telegiectasias that are not improved by IPL. Our latest book chapter on Lasers for African Skin was published in Lasers and Light, Peels and Abrasions, a new medical book published by Thieme Publishers discusses the role of lasers for African skin types.

There has been an increased interest in laser resurfacing for ethnic skin. Patients presenting with keloid and hypertrophic scarring have benefited from laser skin resurfacing using fractional CO2 and Erbium lasers. In addition, other dermatological concerns such as photo- aging, acne vulgaris, and dyschromia or sun spots can be treated with laser skin resurfacing and intense pulse light (IPL) therapy. The safety and efficacy of these laser systems have improved with fractional laser systems. With an increased demand for facial rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery on the rise in the United States amongst ethnic populations, it is imperative for the laser specialist to encompass a treatment regiment for Caucasian as well as non-Caucasian skin types. Non-Causcasian skin types including Hispanic skin or Asian skin can be safely treated with CO2 laser skin resurfacing. We incorporate a strict adherence to sunscreen with an SPF of 30 for four weeks prior to treatment.