CO2 Laser Resurfacing with Sculptra

CO2 Laser Resurfacing with Facial Fillers are an effective method to treat atrophic scars, acne scars, and facial volume loss due to aging. Facial Fillers that are synergistic with ablative laser resurfacing include Sculptra Aesthetic and most Hyaluronic Acid Fillers such as Restylane, Lyft, Juvederm, and Volume.

Atrophic scars are caused by injury to the skin resulting in loss of collagen, hydration, and structure within the epidermis and dermis. Acne scars can present as a type of atrophic scar with subsequent boxcar and icepick scars. In addition, photo aging and volume loss can result in atrophic changes in the skin. Traditional treatments such as retinol, microdermabrasion, laser light therapy, and chemical peels may be suboptimal because the cause of the loss of volume is not addressed with the scar condition that has taken place.

Attached is a before-and-after photo of a 65-year-old patient treated with Lumenis Active and Deep FX Ultrapulse Fractional CO2 Laser and Dermal Fillers.

Treatment included: 3 syringes of Juvederm with one year postoperative result.

Actual, unpaid patient. Individual results may vary. Images have not been retouched.

Choosing the right laser?

Ablative fractional laser systems create microscopic treatment zones or MTZs that penetrate beneath the epidermis and dermis in precise columns while sparring the adjacent skin tissue. These MTZs can be as narrow at 0.12 mm. Fractional CO2 lasers improve collagen production and organize the dermal layer. Though the MTZ, drug delivery of Poly-L-Lactic Acid or PLLA can further improve structural integrity of the skin and act as a biostimulator of collagen. PLLA is commercially available as a dermal filler as Sculptra.

Attached is a before-and-after photo of a 49-year-old patient treated with Sculptra® Aesthetic.

Treatment included: 5 vials over 25 months.

Actual, unpaid patient. Individual results may vary. Images have not been retouched.

Choosing the correct dermal filler?

How does Sculptra or PLLA work when injected into the deep dermis? PLLA molecules help to improve the structural integrity of the skin by stimulating collagen production in patients with a healthy immune system. There have been many clinical studies demonstrating that Sculpra works as a biostimulator of collagen production in the face.

Clinical Studies

Clinical studies show the efficacy of combining Fractional CO2 Laser with Sculptra to improve the appearance and structure of atrophic scars.
Treatment of Atrophic Scars With Fractionated CO2 Laser Facilitating Delivery of Topically Applied Poly-L-lactic Acid.

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Combination Laser Resurfacing With Facial Plastic Surgery Is Superior to Lasers Alone

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What are the side effects of Sculptra injections?

The most common side effects after initial treatment include injection site swelling, tenderness, redness, pain, bruising, bleeding, itching and lumps. Other side effects may include small lumps under the skin that are sometimes noticeable when pressing on the treated area. Larger lumps, some with delayed onset with or without inflammation or skin discoloration, have also been reported.