What to Expect During Recovery From Otoplasty Surgery

Otoplasty, or cosmetic ear surgery, is a surgical treatment that alters the shape, appearance, and size of your ears. It’s a relatively straightforward operation that can significantly restore your self-confidence by improving your ears’ position and proportion.


Otoplasty is a solution for overly prominent or misshapen ears, or for earlobes that have stretched or torn from wearing heavy earrings or gauges. Since symmetry is a determining factor in your appearance, Dr. Jose Barrera usually operates on both ears in the same procedure.


In this post, industry-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Barrera discusses recovery from otoplasty surgery.

What Happens After Otoplasty?

Once Dr. Barrera completes your otoplasty surgery, he will carefully wrap your head in a protective and supportive dressing. For the first few days, you’ll likely experience pain and itchiness, which you can manage with prescription meditation.


Several days after your otoplasty, you’ll return to our office, where Dr. Barrerra will assess your recovery and likely remove the bandages. You should expect your ears to still be slightly swollen and aggravated during this early stage of healing.


After the initial bandages are gone, you should still sleep with a loose headband that secures your ears at night. Protecting your healing ears during the recovery phase is your primary goal, so you should avoid rubbing, pulling, or wetting them. In early healing, we recommend wearing button-down shirts and trying to sleep only on your back and not your side.


You can shower during your recovery, but must take care not to get your ears wet. That generally means keeping your entire head dry until Dr. Barrera clears you to resume showering as usual.


In general, full recovery from otoplasty takes eight weeks. You can gradually return to your regular activities during this time, but must do so cautiously. Regularly consult with Dr. Barrera about medication, stitch removal, when to start cleaning your ears, and when you can resume challenging exercise.

Otoplasty Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Dr. Barrera is triple board certified, having trained in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, head and neck surgery, and sleep medicine. He now actively teaches as a fellowship director with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


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