Periorbital Rejuvenation: Combining Brow Lift with Eyelid Surgery

Perhaps the most prominent and expressive area of the face includes the eyes, brows and forehead. Unfortunately, this area is also extremely susceptible to the aging process. With advancing age, the eyelids can become puffy or droopy, the brows can sag and the forehead can develop prominent wrinkles.

Dr. Jose Barrera, an experienced San Antonio facial plastic surgeon, has met many patients with these age-related concerns that would benefit from comprehensive periorbital rejuvenation, which involves combining brow lift with eyelid surgery. Read on to learn why he often recommends this approach to achieve a younger and more attractive appearance.

What Does Brow Lift Accomplish?

Brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is designed to elevate drooping or sagging brows while minimizing wrinkles between the brows and across the forehead. Through incisions along the hairline, Dr. Barrera carefully lifts and tightens the forehead skin and repairs loose muscles. Brow lift can noticeably open up the eyes, giving them a more youthful and rested appearance.

What Does Eyelid Surgery Accomplish?

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is intended to treat loose, sagging eyelid skin and fat deposits/displacements. Depending on whether lower or upper eyelid surgery is performed, the surgery can rejuvenate droopy upper lids, puffy lower lids or both. Eyelid surgery can also help improve visual clarity for people who have excess skin spilling over the lash line into the field of vision.

Dr. Barrera creates the incisions for upper eyelid surgery in the natural crease of the upper lid, and the incisions for lower eyelid surgery along the lower lash line; through the incisions, he removes excess fat and skin and tightens excess skin.

The Advantages of Combining Procedures

Combining brow lift with eyelid surgery helps to maintain balance throughout the upper face. Performing brow lift without eyelid surgery can sometimes lead to an artificial look where the brows look perpetually startled. Performing eyelid surgery without brow lift won’t improve the look of heavy brows, which will continue to droop toward the eyelids.

Although the benefits of combining procedures should not be overlooked, not everyone requires eyelid surgery and brow lift together. The best way to determine what is right for you and your particular aesthetic concerns is to consult with a respected facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Barrera.

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