Heads Up! Try to Avoid These Procedures During the Summer Months

We all know how important it is to take extra care of our skin during the summer months.

Longer days, hotter temperatures, and stronger UV rays can lead to dry, burnt skin and sun spots, but did you know that plastic surgeons all agree on several procedures that are best avoided during summer?

In this article, industry-leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera outlines these procedures and explains why they’re best left to cooler months.

Laser Hair Removal

Most of us have experienced the inconvenience of unwanted body hair showing itself at one point or another—but this is particularly common in summer when long pants and sweaters are left in the closet and exchanged for bathing suits and outdoor recreation apparel.

Laser hair removal might seem like an ideal choice to fix these concerns, but it’s better done in the spring.

This is because laser hair removal works by targeting melanin pigment to eliminate hairs that are darker than the patient’s skin tone. During summer, the skin darkens naturally (whether or not you’re trying to tan), which makes it harder for laser hair removal providers to determine which parts of your skin have already been treated, leading to inconsistent results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a fantastic way for patients to address dry, uneven, cracked, or even mildly scarred facial skin. They work by shedding the skin using an applied formula.

When the old outer layer of skin is removed, young, fresh skin is exposed. This youthful skin is blemish-free but is also highly sensitive and vulnerable to UV damage, which negates the purpose of the procedure.

Chemical peels, therefore, are best left to the shoulder seasons, where the UV rays aren’t as strong, and patients tend to spend more time indoors.

Facial Laser Procedures

Modern laser technology is highly effective and highly precise. This makes it a prevalent procedure for treating facial scarring, freckles, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

But just like the technology used for laser hair removal, facial lasers zero in on melanin pigment. So, as the skin darkens between laser sessions during summer, the results can be patchy. They might even stimulate increased melanin production, further enhancing uneven skin pigmentation.

Prescription Retinoids

Prescription retinoids, a derivative of Vitamin A, stimulate new collagen production, which helps the skin maintain its structural integrity, strength, and elasticity. As such, retinoid creams and tablets help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Research has shown, however, that retinoids also increase skin sensitivity to UV damage, making patients more susceptible to skin burns.

Skin Treatment in San Antonio, TX

Knowing which procedures will deliver the results you want is essential to getting the most out of cosmetic procedures. But just as important is knowing when and how to get those procedures.

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