Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio | Facelift Surgery

Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio is a facial rejuvenation procedure which restores facial form and shape, elevates descended midface tissues, and helps to correct deformities. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD shares the results of his patient who underwent facial reconstruction and rejuventation in San Antonio after parotidectomy for removal of a parotid tumor. Her left side of her face had a concavity causing visual deformity. She underwent facial fat grafting San Antonio, a pretrichophytic browlift (forehead lift) and a deep plane facelift to correct the facial defect and add volume to her face.

What is the goal of Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio?

The goal in fat transfer for facial rejuvenation is to restore youthful fullness to the upper Face by sculpting the cheek bone and providing fullness to the cheek mound. San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD has published on the position and dynamic movement of the malar fat pad and the cheek mound in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. Restoring position and volume to the cheek fat pad enhances volume and fills the tear trough deformity. Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio helps to restore facial form by elevating and filling  facial fat descent and deflation associated with aging. By filling above the boney layer of the midface, a full lower eyelid is reestablished by filling the tear trough. In addition, a straight jawline can be achieved by fat transfer to establish an attractive, straight shadow under the mandible with a well-shaped chin. Facial Fat Grafing San Antonio adds support to the midface and lower eyelids. It is a more conservative approach to restoring youthfullness rather than excising facial skin and tissue.  Facial fat grafting provides a natural rejuvenation and enhancement.

Can Facial Fat Grafting be performed with other facial rejuvenation procedures?

San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD prefers to combine Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio with Facelift surgery in order to address all aspects of facial aging. It is safe and effective in restoring midface descent, improving demarcation lines and wrinkles, and restoring facial volume.