Unhappy with your chin? There’s a procedure for that!

The chin can be many faces’ defining feature. A robust and distinguished chin is a sign of confidence, power and assertiveness.

This is because a strong jaw is directly correlated with testosterone levels in the individual’s hormonal system – the more testosterone, the stronger the chin.

For many individuals, male and female alike, genetics is a limiting factor in regulating hormone production.

While there are various ways people can naturally increase their testosterone levels and slightly modify their jawline, there is only so much that can be done to help a deeply recessed or weak chin.

Fortunately, for patients concerned about a lack of chin, there is a brilliant procedure known as chin augmentation, which can provide patients with a chin that will give them great confidence.

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure that changes the appearance of the chin.

The procedure can be performed with an implant, and specialized plastic surgeons, such as Dr Barrera, can alter the chin’s appearance using fat grafting of repositioning of the facial bones (also called a sliding genioplasty).

Each procedure involves adding material to the chin to enhance its contours, thus altering the appearance of the entire facial structure.

The difference between implants, fat grafting and bone manipulation

How suitable each of the chin augmentation procedures is for each patient depends on the patient’s physical characteristics, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences.

For minimal changes to the shape and contour of the chin, patients often choose fat graft augmentation, as the procedure is less invasive and has a shorter downtime compared to an implant or a sliding genioplasty.

An implant, however, will provide the most noticeable change, and may be suitable for those patients who are dealing with an inherent variation in the development of their bone structure.

Changing the entire jaw structure via sliding genioplasty is a significant procedure, but it is exceptionally beneficial for those patients who have a severely receding chin.

Why do people consider chin augmentation?

Thin chin is one of the most prominent and determining features of our face.

A strong chin creates a strong, distinguished jawline, which conveys power and confidence.

Alternately, the omission of a strong chin, or even having a receding chin, can make it seem like the individual is continually looking towards the floor – body language which people interpret as unconfident and self-conscious.

By merely changing the chin’s structure, chin augmentation patients can completely revise their sense of self-confidence and the way other people perceive them.

You must research your plastic surgeon who will perform your chin augmentation, as the procedure demands expert surgical knowledge and artistic talent. Dr Jose Barrera is a trained and well-practiced reconstructive plastic surgeon, whose understanding of facial anatomy is at the top of the game. Call 210 468 5426 or fill out his online form to talk to the best in the business.