Midface Lift Must-Knows

Our face reveals our age to those around us. For this reason, many people turn to plastic surgery to address encroaching signs of aging- particularly lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, lips, neck, and midface.

Facelifts have traditionally provided patients with fewer wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, and lower face, whereas other patients see better lower face results from a neck lift. However, these procedures may fail to address the midface. This is largely because of the anatomical complexity of the midface’s underlying musculature, along with the expertise needed to alter the region subtly.

In response to this problem, expert facial plastic surgeons have developed a revolutionary new operation dubbed “the midface lift.” While significantly more complicated than a traditional facelift, a midface lift aims to lift the face’s hard-to-fix mid-portion.

Here, we offer you the brief what, how, and why of a midface lift.

What Does a Midface Lift Achieve?

The midface, particularly the cheeks and nasolabial folds, begins to lose its youthful volume quite early.

Many patients who choose the midface lift are in their 30’s and 40’s, a time when forehead lines haven’t yet set in, but the cheeks begin to sag and lose their youthful plumpness. A midface lift tightens loose cheeks over the bone structure and musculature, thus providing a natural and youthful look to the midface.

How is a Midface Lift Performed?

A midface lift is similar to a facelift. However, the surgeon must cut deeper into the musculature to gain access to the complex underlying midface structure.

Surgeons pull and stretch the muscles around the nose and cheeks up and over the bones and then suture them in place higher on the face. Because of the many intricate steps, only facial plastic surgeons with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy are qualified to conduct this procedure.

How Does a Midface Lift Differ from a Facelift?

Conceptually, both a facelift and midface lift are the same: taking facial tissues and stretching them into a more youthful position to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.

The difference lies in which parts of the face each procedure addresses. Facelifts focus primarily on the forehead, as the more superficial incisions made allow a surgeon to stretch the forehead skin but not that of the midface.

The midface is far more intricate than the forehead. As such, surgeons require far more training in facial anatomy and reconstructive surgery to sufficiently perform a midface lift.

Who is Qualified to Perform This Procedure?

You may have seen some controversy surrounding the new midface lift. The fact is, some non-specialists are performing the procedure, which results in non-satisfactory results. The midface lift is a highly effective procedure, but only when performed by a highly experienced board-certified facial plastic surgeon.

Interested? Speak to An Expert

If you are concerned about the encroaching signs of age and experiencing wrinkles around your nose and lose cheeks, a midface lift could be precisely the procedure you are looking for. Ensure you reach out to Dr. Jose Barrera, a world-renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, for a consultation on your midface lift operation.

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