How Chin Augmentation Can Help You Achieve a More Balanced Profile

A hallmark of a robust, balanced facial profile is a well-defined chin.

For most cultures worldwide, men with a powerful chin and women with a slightly V-shaped or heart-shaped chin are considered highly attractive. Just think about Scarlett Johansson’s beautiful face or Vin Diesel’s powerful presence.

Many people believe that a strong chin can only be achieved by luck of your genetic makeup – but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Chin augmentation is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure that can help men and women achieve a balanced, confident profile.

Here, Dr. Barrera discusses how chin augmentation can help you achieve your aesthetic goals and why we want balance in our profiles.

Why do we Find Balance and Symmetry Attractive?

It has been suggested that a more symmetrical face indicates a healthier, stronger person, and this preference in facial aesthetics could have evolved from our ancestors’ need to choose strong mates.

During evolution, humans developed a preference for symmetry because it implied that the individual had better genetics. Symmetry is, therefore, a mate selection trait.

Symmetry can also impact how the person feels about themselves, particularly when they look in the mirror and appraise their reflection. Thus, noticing a balanced profile within oneself can make one more attractive by improving self-esteem and self-confidence

How Can Chin Augmentation Help You?

Chin augmentation surgery can improve a person’s facial appearance and confidence. It may be an option for those who desire increasing height or width to the jawline as well as balancing their lower facial features.

By using an implant, fat grafting, or adjusting bone positioning (known as a sliding genioplasty), Dr. Barrera can help his patients achieve a more defined chin that accentuates the rest of their facial features. In particular, a defined chin can distinguish the lower face from the upper neck and make the nose look smaller.

Other procedures, particularly cheek, or malar implants, are highly effective in restoring balance and youth to a patient’s face. The aging process is distinguished by a loss of volume, often in uneven measures, which means restoring symmetry is a prime goal for aesthetic procedures of the mid and lower face.

Chin Augmentation in San Antonio, TX

If you’re considering a chin augmentation in San Antonio, TX, then look no further than Dr. Jose Barrera. A reconstructive surgeon and jaw specialist, Dr. Barrera has an intricate understanding of the complex interplay of the jawline aesthetic and functionality. He can help you achieve your goals discreetly.

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