Can an Eyelid Lift Improve Eyesight?

In 2020, eyelid surgery, professionally referred to as blepharoplasty, was the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S., with over 325,000 surgeries performed.

While many people consider eyelid surgery a purely cosmetic procedure, it is in fact, also a medical procedure that can improve vision obscured by drooping eyelids.

In this article, industry-leading facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera elaborates on how eyelid surgery can improve patients’ eyesight.

What Happens in an Eyelid Lift?

Years of stress and the aging process, where our skin gradually loses its elasticity, causes eyelids to droop and fold over, which can create both an undesirable aesthetic and impaired vision via obstruction.

Eyelid surgery removes excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids, which helps create a more youthful, vibrant, and alert appearance while also removing any extra skin that is blocking the patient’s field of vision.

Does Eyelid Surgery Affect Eyesight?

Yes, eyelid surgery can improve eyesight.

Post-operatively, eyelid surgery patients often experience blurred vision for several days. This is normal and results from swelling in the area, pressing against the cornea and causing a distorted field of vision. Once the area heals and swelling subsides, eyesight will return to normal and, in most cases, will be improved by the removal of excess skin.

Eyelid lift in San Antonio, TX

Although it is a surgical procedure, eyelid surgery is a fast and very safe procedure when performed by a qualified, experienced, and trusted facial plastic surgeon. If you or a loved one is experiencing concern with your eyes caused by excess skin, then eyelid surgery will certainly help address your concerns.

Dr. Barrera prides himself on his patient satisfaction and the personalized, caring approach he takes when dealing with each and every patient on their own unique individual basis.

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