All You Need to Know About Facial Exfoliations & the Chemical Peel Process

The skin is our first and most significant barrier that protects our bodies from potential harm from the outside world. It is also one of the first things people notice about us and is an aspect of our appearance that many people struggle with.

From acne to uneven skin tone, dry skin, oily skin, and sun blemishes, many skin ailments can impact the health and appearance of our skin. Exfoliating the skin and sometimes removing the damaged outer layers is a great way to keep skin youthful, vibrant, and healthy.

In this article, Dr. Jose Barrera examines facial exfoliations and chemical peels. He discusses how they can benefit you and help you achieve glowing, healthy, radiant skin in any climate and any season.

What is a Facial Exfoliation?

Facial exfoliation is similar to a body scrub, but instead of the active ingredients being in the granules, they are dispersed in an emulsifier. This provides skin with gentle sloughing action at a cellular level to help recovery from environmental damage such as sun exposure and pollutants. Applying enzymes, acids, and protein-digesting mixtures of cellulose derivative microspheres (emollients) can also help to revitalize the epidermis.

Why Do People Exfoliate?

There are many benefits to facial exfoliation. One of the main reasons people choose this treatment is to help control acne breakouts. Removing the dead skin cells that lie on the skin’s surface can help prevent pore blockages and thereby reduce congestion in pores. When pore blockages are reduced, pores will appear smaller and less noticeable.

How Does the Chemical Peel Process Help?

With the appropriate facial exfoliation treatments, peeling agents can dissolve the bonds that connect dead skin cells to keratin. As such, chemical peels allow for increased cellular turnover, which can help eliminate clogged pores and reduce acne breakouts. The benefits of chemical peels are further increased by the presence of topical retinoids intended to stimulate collagen production for tighter skin.

By stimulating collagen production, chemical peels simultaneously remove the damaged outer layer of dead skin cells, exposing new, healthy layers and promoting the long-lasting health of those tissues.

Skin Exfoliation and Chemical Peels San Antonio, TX

Skin exfoliation and chemical peeling are non-invasive spa treatments that provide incredible, almost immediate, and long-lasting results.

If you’re experiencing acne, uneven skin tone, or want to rejuvenate your facial skin, then a quick consultation with Dr. Barrera, a leading reconstructive plastic surgeon in San Antonio, TX, can help you determine which procedure is best for you and your situation. Simply call (210) 468-5426 or fill out Dr. Barreras’ online form to discuss how we can improve your life today.