Male Plastic Surgery in San Antonio

Men have unique facial characteristics that emphasize strong facial skeletal support, thicker skin, and facial hair that make their appearance unique from women.

Just for Men

Many men are concerned with their facial appearance and are seeking male plastic surgery.  Premature aging, a small jaw, prominent nose, or excessive wrinkles can be concerning for men striving to achieve wellness. Snoring and Sleep Apnea can impact one’s job performance, alertness, family life, and sense of well-being. The ideal profile is one that speaks to normal facial proportions from the forehead to the base of the nose to the chin point. Disproportion from these normative measures may implicate a dental-skeletal abnormality and facial asymmetry. Dentoskeletal abnormalities can be associated with a convex facial profile and a small or retrognathic chin. Chin implant and genioplasty operations in combination with Rhinoplasty can be performed in combination to balance the face to a straight or orthognathic profile. Male Facelift Surgery can rejuvenate and balance a man’s face.

 Male Rhinoplasty

Traumatic sports injuries and dentofacial abnormalities can be corrected. Commonly, a broken nose can cause deviations in the nasal septal skeleton that lead to visible asymmetry in the contour of the nose. Male rhinoplasty is both an cosmetic and reconstructive male plastic surgery. Men seeking rhinoplasty often desire improvement for a crooked or twisted nose or simply want to remove a nasal hump. A male nose job can be combined with functional procedures to provide balance as well as improve nasal breathing and function through septoplasty, sinus surgery, and turbinate reduction.

 Non-surgical Treatments for a Man

A large proportion of men are interested in male plastic surgery for facial sculpting to either address facial injuries, scars, or remove unwanted wrinkles. Nonsurgical treatments such as BOTOX or Dysport can be used to improve wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, nose, chin, and mouth. A liquid facelift or non-surgical facelift combines laser skin resurfacing, dermal fillers, and Botox or Dysport to revitalize and rejuvenate the face without surgery.

 The Male Face

The aging male face often exhibits excessive bags around the eyes and descent of the eyebrow can impair visual fields. Men seeking male plastic surgery want to be refreshed for many reasons. Facial rejuvenation allows men to be more competitive in the workplace, demonstrates an energetic attitude, and helps improve one’s visual outlook. Brow lift procedures for men include endoscopic assisted and minimally invasive incisions in the scalp and forehead. All incisions are designed to heal well with time. Eyebrow lift procedures help to remove unwanted bags around the eyes. Laser resurfacing is now taking the place of lower eyelid incisions by tightening the creepy skin and improving skin texture. Dermal fillers like Restylane, Restylane Silk, Voluma, Belotero, Sculptra and Juvéderm can help treat fine facial lines while other fillers such as Sculptra, Voluma, Perlane, Radiesse, Juvéderm Ultra Plus or Facial Fat grafting can provide volume to sunken and aged faces.

 Addressing Hair in Male Plastic Surgery

Special considerations in male plastic surgery include paying close attention to the height of the eyebrow and hairline and designing incisions that hide in the scalp or forehead wrinkles. The turkey neck causing excessive and loose neck skin can be improved with either liposuction or a neck lift in mild cases to deep-plane facelift procedures for dramatic improvement. Other considerations include addressing the bearded face which presents with a richer blood supply and can influence healing and scarring in the postoperative state. Understanding the pattern of hair growth, position of the sideburn hair and beard, and attention to potential acceleration of male pattern baldness are additional aspects that Dr. Jose Barrera, MD pays close attention to.

Previous stigma associated with men seeking plastic surgery has now been replaced with men seeking both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to improve visual and nasal function. A more youthful and refreshed appearance is desirable in the competitive workplace as well as private life. At Texas Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, we specialize in achieving functional and natural facial restoration and rejuvenation for men.

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