Getting Soldiers to Sleep: Apnea in Traumatized Troops

Getting Soldiers to Sleep: Apnea in Traumatized Troops

Sacrificing Sleep

Our servicemen and women regularly make sacrifices for our country that others may take for granted. Often, this includes a good night’s sleep. Though many of us have trouble sleeping at night, this problem is particularly harsh for soldiers coming back from overseas. Studies have indicated that some sleep disorders rose drastically among troops in the last twenty years, citing a six hundred percent increase in these often-overlooked but debilitating disorders.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injuries, emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, and many other factors contribute to the sharp rise in sleep disorders among our troops. This is especially true of those who have been deployed at some point in their service. Soldiers who are returning home from deployment, especially those who have been subjected to extreme conditions, are often plagued by interrupted sleep. Nightmares, insomnia, sleep apnea, and a host of other sleep disorders are frequent for service members who have been deployed at any point. Sleep apnea is a pervasive and potentially severe issue.

Dr. Jose Barrera, a sleep medicine expert, double board-certified plastic surgeon, and 30 year United States Air Force Veteran, understands how dangerous obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be. If OSA is left untreated, patients have elevated risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, arrhythmia, stroke, pulmonary disease, and other issues. Fortunately, surgeons like Dr. Barrera offer effective treatments that can greatly help our soldiers get better sleep.

Hope for a Good Night’s Rest

At his Endormir Sleep and Sinus Institute, Dr. Barrera strives to help all of his patients overcome sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. He currently offers a variety of procedures that may give patients the night of rest they deserve. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Functional Rhinoplasty
  • Nasal Surgery
  • Snoring Treatments
  • Upper Airway Surgeries
  • Radio-Frequency Treatments
  • Pillar procedure

Though our soldiers regularly struggle with sleep disorders, they are not the only demographic that suffers from disorders like sleep apnea. If you struggle with sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder in the San Antonio area, reach out to Dr. Jose Barrera to see how he can help you. Dr. Barrera is passionate about helping anyone reduce the problems associated with sleep disorders, whether they are active-duty soldiers, veterans, or civilians. Even if you aren’t sure what kind of sleep disorder you may or may not have, Dr. Barrera would be happy to meet with you. Schedule a consultation to discover the full scope of what Dr. Barrera’s team can do for you.